What I do


I've practiced music in different forms for over 10 years, and nowadays I'm looking to put all of this together into wonderful soundtracks for different forms of media. It's not just classical scoring, it's whatever will fit the situation. After having actively played in several bands (rock, pop, boogie-woogie, metal, acoustic etc..), I have gathered experience from a wide array of genres which in turn helps me combine and experiment with all of these.


To me, music is a world-wide spoken language. The sensation that is music can capture any feel or any mood, and at the same time enhance it. What cannot be said in words, can be said through music.

As a media composer, I am there to support the visuals and the story - support what is already being said and shown. But I'm also there to stimulate the audience, by creating musical motifs and developments that can take the story to another level. 











A Modern Composer


Orchestral scoring is seen as a standard in todays media, and it's vital to my work aswell. I use the orchestra as a foundation, but I'm not afraid to expand it. My experience with modern genres, combined with traditional orchestral scoring, gives me a unique approach to each project. Drum kits, synths, guitars, various ethnic instruments and loads of other things usually squeezes their way into my compositions. I like to call this modern scoring, as it expands on the classical definition of musical scoring.


Modern scoring can be done in many different ways, and I'm constantly experimenting to find new paths to take. Every project is different, and therefore my goal is to always be able to distinguish and execute what needs to be special with my score to suit the story that is being told.

It's not a one-man job


Nono, don't worry, you won't have to help me compose. But for me, scoring for a project is not something I do alone. To craft a score that enchances the meaning of a story or message requires more than just musical skills. Communication and teamwork is key.

I have worked on several group projects (musical and others) requiring good teamwork, and have therefore recieved invaluable experience how to work as a functioning team member. In person or online - I have experience with both.


For me, it is important to be able to communicate with the team, as it helps me develop a better perspective of the project when getting to know the people behind it.. and it's fun aswell!