Recent Projects

Northern Winds

Released In-game 08/02/2017

Dota 2 is popular video-game released by Valve, being one of the most played online games currently with several millions of players every month.  I composed a music pack* for the game, inspired by nordic mythology and scenery. It quickly recieved large support by the Dota 2 community on the Steam Workshop, and was later added to the game by Valve, as a purchase option in the game.

*A music pack is a optional replacement for all music in the game.

My Role: Composer 

Publisher: Valve Corporation

Action/Thriller Film

Released in theaters 10/01/2019

"C++" is an suspense-crime feature film directed by Suresh Leon Rey. The movie follows a regular man called Suresh, who's working within IT and saving money to be able to marry his love. However, his life takes a drastic turn because of a gang involved with cybercrime and more.


My Role: Composer 

Publisher: Kannada Feature Film

Runtime: 104 minutes

Essence of Vengeance is a shortfilm created for The International 2018 Dota 2 Shortfilm Contest. It explores the story and lore of one of the beloved heroes of the game Dota 2, called Vengeful Spirit. A fairly dark character, with a background of suffering. 

My role: Composer

Published by: TrungTH

Action Game

Releasing Summer 2017

Control Shift is a local-multiplayer game which pits players against one another in dramatic battles for control of territory. The game has a focus on tactics, maneuvering and combat - creating a balance between strategy and agility. It features various couch co-op and versus game modes, for up to 4 players, split screen.

My Role: Composer 

Publisher: Denzil Buchner


Released 13/07/2014

A Dot is a shortfilm created for the Dota 2 Shortfilm Contest 2014. Five persons of our world are called upon to join the Defense of the Ancients, and experience their true nature.

My Role: Composer 

Publisher: Mohshi Motion Pictures

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Berklee College of Music

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


I have studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is regarded as one of the most prominent music schools in the world. As an aspiring composer, it is a privilege to be part of such a vibrant community and high prolific college. 


Read more about Berklee on their official website.

Additional Projects

Not released yet


Custom Game Mod for Dota 2

CS:D is based on the concept of the famous series of games, Counter Strike. It's a shooter with action from start to finish - victory is never certain.






My Role: Composer
Publisher: M.O.D
Status: Released



Who Will Be Victorious?


Leading up to the biggest E-Sports event of all time, the hype was real. Featuring the best footage available from the previous years event.





My Role: Composer 

Publisher: DotaCinema

Status: Released 11/04/2014

Not released yet


Fight or Flight 
Custom Game Mod for Dota 2

Fight or Flight is the first competitive custom game in Dota 2 history. It is based on the classic concept of "Capture the Flag" but redefines the standard stages of Dota 2; farming is reduced to a minimum, action from the get-go, multiple means of winning and diverse strategies which can be employed.


My Role: Composer

Publisher: M.O.D

Status: Released

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