My name is John Boberg, and I was born and raised in Kungälv, Sweden, where I still live. My appreciation for music has always been very high, ever since I was a young child. My first instrument was the guitar, which I started playing at the age of 11. This quickly escalated into joining and forming different local rock/metal bands with both friends and strangers, where I also wrote my first songs. As the bands evolved, and members left & joined, I changed my main instrument to fit what was needed. Bass, the drums, piano and sloppy vocals were all exercised.


Meanwhile, I grew a love for film & videogame music. I tried to compose something in the genre several times, but I had no knowledge nor equipment to put my feelings into orchestrations. But I did not give up, as I kept on searching the internet for opportunities to get started. When I discovered the amazing virtual instruments that are available today, there was no question anymore. I was going to learn how to compose.

Up until now, I have been a mostly self-taught composer, except some basic instrumentation courses in my childhood, which helped me get started. I learned through the internet, books and other medias, which is a fairly common way these days. However, I am now studying film scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

My goal has and will always be to enchance and stimulate the world that we all love to visit sometimes. The world that takes us to another place and lets us escape our own reality. The world of stories.


 About Me


Photo by Elias Lauronen